USB Rechargeable Electric Hair Clipper Trimmer Shaver Waterproof Adjustable Limit Comb

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Type: Cordless Hair Clipper
Material: Stainless steel blade
Color: Black
Voltage: 5V
Power: 5W
Charging Time: 1.5 hours
Use Time: 120 minutes
Power Source: USB Rechargeable 

- Compact size, portable, easy to carry on trip.
- Adjustable limit comb, 1-20MM fine-tuning, easy to trim.
- High-capacity lithium battery, long cycle life, fast charging.
- USB charging can be charged anywhere.Very convenient and practical comes with USB connector/cable can be powered by a PC/Laptop, Power Bank or direct to your Wall socket.
- The narrow blade is suitable for two weeks of horn and beard contour processing to trim your style.It is suitable for oil head, trimming and sculpture.
- 45 degree sharp angle blade, fast cutting without tension,very sharp and not pull hair.
- Stainless steel blade can be washable , easy to remove and clean.
- Streamlined comfortable handle, non-slip and easy to grip.
- Low noise,can provide you a comfortable using environment, will not interfere your work or sleep.
- Applicable to men,women,old people,baby,children,barber shop.

Package Included:
1x Hair Clipper
1x Cleaning Brush
1x USB Cable
2x Limit Combs (1-20mm)