Memory Foam Waterproof Double Absorber Seat Bag The Best Bicycle Seat

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 Memory Foam Waterproof Double Absorber Seat Bag The Best Bicycle Seat


  • Green wide mountain bike seat - super comfortable high-density memory foam with durable waterproof leather and double shock-absorbing spring ball, can replace the hard and uncomfortable old saddle, greatly improve the shock absorption and cushioning during riding performance. Let you ride happily every day.
  • Ergonomically designed - the front is smooth, half an inch narrower than a regular bicycle seat, so it won't rub or bind the thigh. The saddle has a "horn" that prevents you from sliding forward. The center is concave, allowing you to breathe freely.
  • Extra shock and noise free - double anti-vibration rubber balls with good elasticity, flexibility, toughness and greater durability.
  • The bicycle seat is equipped with a double spring rubber ball that absorbs vibration and ensures higher comfort, good elasticity, toughness, greater durability and flexibility even during bumpy riding.
  • Built-in bag for automatic comfort adjustment.


  • Size: 27 x 19.5 x 12 cm/10.6 x 7.7 x 4.7 in
  • Weight: 700 g / 1.54 lb
  • Filling material: high density perforated memory foam
  • Surface material: environmentally friendly waterproof artificial PU leather, wear resistant


  • 1 x Bicycle seat bag