Foldable Microphone Acoustic Isolation Shield Acoustic Foams Studio Panel for Recording Live Broadcast

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When recording sound, it could help you prevent external sound source interference.

Protects from unwanted outside audio Interference, high-density deflection, noise-absorbing foam.

It is made of 3/5 reflection panels, each panel with well-designed pyramid foam.

Foldable and adjustable. It is able to be mounted on the microphone stand upright or boom.

Porous aluminum sturdy design.


Product Type: Microphone Isolation Shield Recording Foam Panel

Material: EVA Sponge, Industrial Quality Aluminum

Color: Black

Size: 450mm X 300mm

Application: Recording Studio, Family, etc.


This product does not include a microphone and headset, you could buy it separately.

Package Included:

1 x Microphone Isolation Shield(microphone and headset not included)

1 x Mounting Accessories Pack