Bicycle Bike Aluminum Bicycle Frame Rear Luggage Rack Shelf

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Bicycle Bike Aluminum Bicycle Frame Rear Luggage Rack Shelf


  • Made of high-strength aluminum alloy, it is extremely durable and sturdy.
  • The three-rack design makes it more rugged and stable than a rack with only two brackets, with a maximum rated capacity of 25kg. It is fully welded for excellent durability. This design makes it strong and more stable under heavy loads.
  • Suitable for most bicycles, such as road bikes, mountain bike mountain bikes, folding bike fat bikes, etc. But not suitable for rear suspension bicycles
  • The platform incorporates an elaborate bracket that can be used to prevent road spray and the rack is equipped with quality mounting hardware. The bolted metal piece includes the entire stainless steel mounting hardware, and the included
  • nut is a locking nut that absorbs road vibrations and holds the screws in place (to avoid streaking screws/holes, ensuring the position of the screws before tightening)
  • The frame provides a stable frame that secures the gear to the bike. It has a built-in that doubles as a splash guard in wet conditions. When the weather is good, items can be tied directly to the shelf without the need for a lid. For inclement weather or the ability to put loose items together, luggage such as rack luggage and hanging baskets can be easily attached to the rear frame.


  • Bearing capacity: 25kg
  • Product Size: 40x35x15 cm / 15.7x13.7x5.9 inch
  • Weight: 840g / 1.85 lb


  • 1x Bicycle tailstock
  • 2x Seat tube support rod
  • 2x Support rods on both sides
  • 2x Short screw
  • 6x Length screw
  • 2x Long screw
  • 6x Gasket


  • 1. For best stability, please be sure to follow the instructions carefully
  • 2. When installing, make sure all screws are in place and adjusted, then tighten to prevent peeling screws/holes