BBQ Grill Gloves Barbecue Silicone Glove Heat Resistant Mitts Smoking Cooking Kitchen

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Name: Kitchen BBQ High Temperature Gloves
Size: 330 mm
Resistant temperature: 500 ° C
Style: red flame, red and blue stars, blue ripples, black stripes
Craft: double knitting
- Flexible use of five fingers, easy to grasp a variety of molds.
- This Silicone Gloves will protect your hands against hot surfaces, steam and liquids.
- The outer layer of aramid fiber cotton + heat-resistant silicone, non-slip insulation, gloves and heat-resistant up to 500 ° C.
- Double knit, excellent insulation and cooling function.
- Can be resistant to high temperature, increase the high temperature resistance and wear resistance.
- The use of high temperature environmental protection silicone, non-slip performance, nice, easy to clean, extend the working life.
- Lined with environmentally friendly cotton, comfortable wear is the perfect choice for home kitchen.
- Cotton hook design, easy to clean after drying or use after storage.
Kindly Reminder: the glove is not waterproof and oil proof,and it is the single sale and regardless the right and left,hope you can kindly understanding,thanks!
Package included:
A pair of Kitchen BBQ Gloves