Adjustable 2 in 1 Ropeless & 3m Rope Jumping Rope Fitness Skipping Rope

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Handle size

17.5 x 292 x 292cm

Rope length

Long rope: 3m

Short rope: 35cm

Rope diameter
Blue, pink, purple, green


- Dual-rope configuration allows users to select either of rope and non-rope modes based on willingness.

- The 6th generation of Calorie electronic counting rope is provided with brand new IC scheme,data memory functions

   and view of sports annal.

- SEBS secondary forming technique and anti-sliding design contribute toe superior hand feeling.

  Single-point magnetic control sensing counting makes counting more accurate and mute design avoids the noise brought

  by bellow counting rope.

- The design of load weight can be changed to satisfy the requirements on hand feeling and provide the weight that fits the user best.

- The first mechanical key-pressing electronic rope is provided with anti-error touch design to ensure the best hand feeling

  and longer service life.

- HD back light LCD display screen several modes available(back light mode,setting mode and sports annal mode);

  startup and shutdown can be set freely.

Package included:

1 x Jumping Rope

1 x 3m Rope