4 inch Inl.ine Duct Booster Fan Ventilation Exhaust Air Blower

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 4 inch Inl.ine Duct Booster Fan Ventilation Exhaust Air Blower


It is able to move air through carbon filters, long stretches of ducting or grow light reflectors. Exchange stale air with fresh air to keep temperature or humidity under control and cool your reflector with our blower! Safe and environmental friendly.



  •  Energy efficient & quiet operation.

  •  Lightweight & super easy to install.

  •  Engineered for maximum boost with minimum noise.

  •  Solve air delivery problems without ma.jor system rework or expense.

  •  Balanced metal blades are ideal for boosting air supply and venting exhaust air.

  •  Can be installed in any location, such as bathrooms, attics, greenhouses, tents, etc.

  •  Motor features a permanently lubricated bearing that operates quietly and requires no maintenance.

Quality Improvement:

  • UL listed for safe use.

  • More powerful and efficient.

  • Upgraded Heavy-duty Motor.

  • High-quality Metal Fan Blade.

  • More durable and powerful than plastic fan blades.

  • Thicker Steel Sheet Housing to avoid deformation in transit.


  • Flange: 4" Diam.

  • Power: 20w

  • Voltage: 110V

  • Air Volume: 140cfm

  • Revolving Speed: 2800R/Min

  • Power Cord Length: 30cm

  • Dimension: 2.8" L x 4"

Package Included:

  • 1 x Upgraded 4" Vent Mini Blower