11Pcs Hair Dye Coloring DIY Beauty Salon Tool Kit Brush Comb Bowl Black Clips

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 Hair Coloring Kit: A bowl , Hair dye comb,Two earmuffs,pulling a pack of rubber constantly, One-time shawl, a pair of disposable gloves, a disposable shower cap, 4 colored jelly clips.
- The bowl, brush and comb are made of hard plastic, washable and reusable; Only items listed in description are included, hair dye is not in kit.
- Salon Apron: Your clothes will still clean like new after finishing the hair coloring. design of the salon apron makes it easier to wear and take off.Let's take action,you deserve it.
Hair Coloring Gloves: It prevents your hands from touching the hair dye directly. And you do not need to wash hand if you have many customers waiting for the hair coloring.
- Practical hair dye kit: ideal for salon hairdressing use and home personal use, necessary accessories for DIY hair dye.Designed for dyeing and coloring hair.You'll like it.


 Material: Plastic.
* Color: Black.
* Quantity: 11PCS.

Package Includs:

    1. Hair dye comb.

    2. A bowl.

    3. Two earmuffs.

    4. Pulling a pack of rubber constantly.

    5. One-time shawl.

    6. A pair of disposable gloves.

    7. A disposable shower cap.

    8. 4 colored jelly clips (Other accessories are not included)

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