10 Patterns 10 Speed Male Masturbator Cup Large Size Hands Free USB Rechargeable Sex Toys

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Whether you are single or in a relationship, masturbation enriches every man’s life. For the single man, masturbation can be the safe outlet and is readily available even when no partner is available. For the man in relationship, masturbation can help them have free sex and enjoy themselves when the partner does not want sex at the same time.

♥ Hands Free Sex--Our Automatic piston motion frees your hand. You will feel instant gratification with our life like vagina. This will feel like you are having sex with a real woman.

♥10 Thrusting Patterns&10 Speeds--Powerful vibration from the bottom of the vagina. Both functions can be used at the same time, that will make your orgasm faster and stronger.

♥Multiple Intensities& Patterns--In the highest gear, 280 pushes per minute! It will tell you what a windmill is. Ten speeds are available. Please try from the low gear! A long game will make it easier for you to immerse yourself in it. Then, what suits you best is not necessarily the highest gear.

♥Powerful vibration egg from the bottom of the vagina rich the stimulation.

  The stretch band around the vagina can zoom in or out according to the size of the inserted dick.So 100% pleasure is allow to the most of people.Of course,we suggest you add more lube or meet a girlfriend if you are super big guy

  The ball ring provides strong stimulation that is different from the common masturbators.It will cling to your dick and give you the most unforgettable stimulus, powered by a powerful motor, until you explode!

  The vibrator at the end of the sleeve enriches the stimulus! It will fully stimulate the glans and double the pleasure!

1. Clean up your Fovel Masturbation Cup with water.
2. Play a liberal amount of water-based lubricant to the Masturbator Cup and yourself.
3. Lip your dick into the cup.
4. Long press the button to turn on it,then choose a pattern that is right for you, enjoy yourself.
5. After the fun, clean it up.

1x Fovel Masturbator Cup
1x USB charging cable
1x Manual
1x Strip